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Lime's Party Pack Quiche

    Each Lime's Party Pack Quiche has: Bacon & Egg: 4 Pieces, Spinach & Feta: 4 Pieces, Chicken & Onion: 4 Pieces 40 grms approx.

    If you want a different combination, please mention it in the message box.

    Party Pack

    Please select "Frozen" if you would like Frozen Quiche

    Party Pack Quiche: $29

    Each Party Pack has:
    • Bacon & Egg: 4 Pieces
    • Spinach & Feta: 4 Pieces
    • Chicken & Onion: 4 Pieces [40 grms approx]

    Please Note:
    Order has to be picked up during the store timings:
    Monday to Friday - 7am to 3pm
    Saturday - 8am to 2pm
    2/507 Great South Road, Otahuhu..

    If you have any questions or want to speak to someone,

    Please call: 09-270 2570

    Email: limeespressonz@gmail.com